Covid-19 Red Level January 2022

Covid-19 Red Level January 2022

With the Government announcing that Auckland will be moving back to 'Traffic Light' RED ALERT Level on 24 January, we wanted to update you on what we are doing in order to continue looking after your needs during this time.

Health & Safety

We have continued to develop our Covid-19 response plan that, first and foremost, ensures the health and safety of our employees as well as the ability to continue to deliver and support the services you require for essential business continuity during Red Alert Level.

With the change to Red Alert Level, we are very conscious of the ongoing risk of COVID-19 to the public. As such, our staff who need to be at work to do their jobs will be practicing social distancing and mask wearing where required - open-air access to the yard is available.

Access to CSL's yard is now fully open at Red Alert Level. Certain areas of our yard have been barriered off to maintain the required 2 metre distance. Other areas are not permitted for couriers or transport drivers– i.e. lunchrooms and toilet facilities – these are restricted for staff only.


Our Auckland yard will be fully open for container collection and drop-off from transport companies from 7:30am to 4:00pm Monday-Friday (unless pre-arranged). 

The Sales/Control office is also still fully operational. Please contact us as normal using our regular phone numbers or email addresses, but feel free to drop-in (please bring a face mask).

Customers requiring sales, leases and storage rentals should ideally do so remotely by phone or email. However, "open-air" face-to-face sales is permitted with precautions required (facemasks preferred in open areas in the yard).

Essential services will receive priority over non-essential services, but we are sure we can meet any requests promptly.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is mandatory. A QR Code is available for scanning at several key locations on site. We will collect contact details from all on-site visitors in line with contact tracing guidelines. We will then store that information in a contact register.


CSL will continue to update these protocols as advised by government guidelines

CSL Management