Momentum Hub - Wero Whitewater Park

Project Info

  • Build Date

    March 2016

  • Customer

    Vector Wero Whitewater Park

Our largest project to date comprises of multiple spaces of different sizes. The Momentum Hub at Wero Whitewater Park is a mixture of top floor offices and bottom level retail. This project mixes simplicity, design flair and functionality.  

The grounds consist of: 

  • Movie Theatre 

  • Bar/Restaurant 

  • Café 

  • Pizza Restaurant 

  • Offices 

  • Boardroom 

  • Interactive Break Area 

  • Storage Facilities 

The project began when Wero Whitewater Park approached CSL with fair idea of they wanted to do with plans for the Momentum Hub. CSL developed a collaborative relationship with Wero. They produced the plans, and CSL got onto the job. With a clear vision provided, CSL was able to continue to develop the project as more aspects of the job were created and there was nothing that CSL couldn’t provide for the customer. Not only did we create the multiple modified containers for the job, but also provided the stairs, walk ways and other such products that were needed. There was the need for office space for many different charities. This meant that break room areas, board rooms, kitchen and bathroom spaces needed to be developed for the workers all on the top level of the Momentum Hub. CSL carried out these tasks effectively all on the top level of the complex even with outdoor areas for anyone using the grounds. There was also a demand for bottom level retail and facilities for the users of the Whitewater Park. We were able to create 3 separate eating facilities such as a café, pizza restaurant and a 40ft bar/restaurant that catered to everyone coming to the site. We modified 2 40ft containers that seamlessly joined together to create a fully functioning movie theatre with soundproofing.. On top of this, there was a storage area away from the Momentum Hub that was needed for the Whitewater Park for storage for canoes etc which is made up of 41 containers. With the help of a designer for interiors, the Wero Whitewater Park effectively integrates a public space with a commercial space that can be used by all.