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We pride ourselves on a “delivery to the right spot the first time” policy. It avoids costly redelivery or repositioning - saving us both time and money.

So take a few minutes to look through the following important delivery considerations:

A level, solid site              

Your container based storage solution will operate best on a level, solid surface – a concrete pad or similar is best, but levelled sleepers on softer surfaces work almost as well.

This is to keep your door frames square – optimising their opening and closing.

We’d be happy to give you a few tips on preparing your site surface if you have concerns.



We’ve tackled many difficult sites over the years, and as long as we know about potential obstacles prior to delivery, we can usually find a way.

Potential obstacles on site determine the type of transport we send to deliver your unit.

Overhead obstacles like branches, power lines or overhanging building eaves are the most limiting things to where we can drop your container on site.

Narrow driveways, isolated or elevated spots, and fences can normally be negotiated provided appropriate clearances for the transport are available on site.

If in doubt about your site obstacles/clearances, please ask.


Choosing the Right Transport for Your Site       

We will work with you to choose the right transport for your site. Three things are taken into consideration:

Generally we are choosing between Swing Lift or Hiab trucks although we have used helicopters for particularly remote sites.


Swing Lifts  

  • Are great for most metro sites where there’s easy access
  • Are significantly cheaper than other options
  • Can drive up or reverse into driveways
  • Have limited movements and flexibility
  • Containers come off the driver’s side (right hand side) of the truck only
  • You must specify how the unit is loaded onto the truck (the direction doors are to face) to ensure the unit is positioned correctly when it gets to site. optimize

Swing Lift Weight Capacity and Clearance requirements: 


 20’ Container  

40’ Container

Weight (inc container)

14 tonne

29 tonne

Clearance - Height



Clearance - Width



Clearance - Length




  • Are great for sites where there are issues with access and /or obstacles.
  • The long reach crane arm can stack containers two high, reach over fences, or swivel for positioning on site
  • Have limits in their load weight capacity. optimize 1

Hiab Weight Capacity and Clearance requirements: 


 20’ Container  

40’ Container

Weight (includes container)

5 tonne

Empty only

Clearance space - Height



Clearance space - Width



Clearance Space - Length





We’re here to help – bring your site information to us and we’ll advise on the best transport and delivery solution for your needs. Contact Us Today